Hi there 👋!

I am a 3rd year Computer Science undergraduate at HKUST and am currently interning at the HKUST HCI Initiative. I previously interned at the HKUST Robotics Institute. I was an exchange student at UW where I interned at the UW Interactive Data Lab. I also stayed in Stanford for two months for the International Honors Program on behalf of HKUST.

Research Interests

I am passionate about solving high-level HCI challenges with low-level Computer Vision and thoughtful design. Currently, my work focuses on dynamic AR synthesis to empower students with accessible, tangible, and modular learning experiences.


Learning to Film from Professional Human Motion Videos, CVPR 2019.
Chong Huang, Chuan-en Lin, Zhenyu Yang, Yan Kong, Peng Chen, Xin Yang, Kwang-Ting Cheng


Introduction to Motion Estimation with Optical Flow
Implement sparse and dense optical flow and learn about recent approaches using deep learning.
🙌 Collaboration with Nanonets
Article | Code
Tutorial: Build a lane detector
Build a pipeline for tracking road lanes with Hough Transform and SCNN.
⭐ Featured by Medium in Machine Learning.
Article | Code
Tutorial: Build your own custom real-time object classifier
Deploy a scraper, label with Mechanical Turk, and train your object detection model with YOLOv3.
⭐ Featured by Medium in Data Science and Machine Learning.
Article | Code (Scraping) | Code (Labeling) | Code (Training)


Ollie VR
VR skateboard game built with Unity controlled by a physical skateboard controller (Arduino, gyroscope, pressure sensor, Bluetooth).
Demo | Code
Understand and predict where your trash flows in the oceans visualized with D3.js and OpenLayers.
Demo | Code

App prototype to facilitate interpersonal connections for a more meaningful travel experience (my first design workflow experience).
Demo | Report (Getting the Right Design) | Report (Getting the Design Right) | Presentation
On-demand tutoring app for affordable, accessible, prompt, and high quality education for all (my first startup).
🏆 Top 8 in AngelHack Silicon Valley.
Demo | Code | Promo Video | Pitch Deck
Interactive, programmable, augmented reality cube for dynamic learning experiences.
🏆 Winner of AngelHack Hong Kong Cyberport x Open Source HK Prize.
Demo | Code
Helium-powered airship controlled by smartphone (Arduino, motor propellers, Bluetooth)
Demo | Design

hackUST 2017
I organized the largest hackathon in Asia with over 800 participants.
Website | Photos | Promo Video 1 | Promo Video 2

Responsive Physics revision site for International Baccalaureate students.
📈 1M+ website visits and 15K+ native app downloads with 4.8 average rating.
Website | App


Autonomous Drone Real-Time Object Identification and Tracking
I gave a 30-min talk in KAIST, Korea for the 5th ASPIRE UGRA.